Posted by: cutleroke | April 29, 2008

Minimus Offers “TSA-Sized” Travel Packs

Since 2006, has provided consumer products for your car, office, RV or campsite. Emphasizing snacks, toiletries and other travel products, they have done a great job of keeping packs light, and waste to a minimum.

They also offer TSA travel packs that (when combined with a Flybag) we would recommend you take on your next trip with you.

See commercial below and link to their blog in our blogroll!

Posted by: cutleroke | February 28, 2008

TSA Gangstas

Did anyone else see this video?

I think it is somewhat controversial, but takes the “office” approach to a pain we all feel inside when we travel..

Posted by: cutleroke | February 24, 2008

TSA Bags

A lot of travel bag companies are now claiming to be “TSA Approved”. If you were to ask the TSA which travel accessories they have approved, they would tell you that they do not “approve” of anyone. They simply “agree” that a certain product is in compliance with the guidelines they specify.

Our recommendation is to be skeptical of any companies that make claims as to FAA or TSA approvals.

To learn more, visit and

The Flybag!